BeeSafe Seal on Fertilizer

BeeSafe Seal on Fertilizer is a recognition of BeeSafe Certification granted on the management of pesticides that recognizes those strategies that prefer products that have low toxicity for bees.
It is determined by a panel of experts, made up of various specialists in the field, from chemistry and pharmacy, environmental toxicology and agricultural entomology, who had no conflicts of interest with the applicant companies. The determination of the level of toxicity towards bees is carried out through the analysis of public scientific studies related to each product under discussion, based on the toxicity categories proposed by the International Commission on Bee Botany (ICBB)), and/or recognizing its current classification on the corresponding label published under the current authorization delivered in Chile by the Agricultural and Livestock Service.
The regulations in force for the registration of pesticides in Chile (exempt resolution 1557/2014) require acute and contact toxicity studies against bees, and/or tests on the feeding of bee colonies (for insecticides of the growth regulator type), among other studies.
However, to grant the BeeSafe seal, other public records are also considered when they exist (chronic toxicity, sublethal effects or others).
Understanding that scientific information is dynamic and that internal regulations are constantly updated, this Recognition is valid for one year. Along with the above, the Products included here must have a valid authorization in the national territory for the use in which they are recommended in their sale (label) or advertising (physical, digital and audiovisual media).